About the Village of Grosse Tete

Grosse Tete is perhaps the most familiar municipality of North Iberville because it is named after Bayou Grosse Tete – the bayou that winds through much of North Iberville.

The Village of Grosse Tete is also the smallest of the Parish’s municipalities but it has been progressive in providing services for its residents.

The Village was originally incorporated in 1906, but dissolved a few years later. It was re-incorporated in 1952, and today includes a two mile stretch of homes and businesses along Bayou Grosse Tete.

Legend has it that the Village’s name, which means “Big Head” in French, was derived from a big headed Choctaw Indian who lived and hunted in the area when it was first settled by the Acadian people. It is a beautiful area which offers hanging moss from majestic live oak trees, green pastures with rustic fences, and the grace of the bayou.

Bayou Grosse Tete also served as the area’s principal transportation route for years until the Texas-Pacific Railroad, now Mission-Pacific laid tracks through the settlement. Today the area is served by LA. Hwy 77 and Interstate 10, along with the rail lines and bayou. The present population is 647 and the economy is farm based with sugar cane fields dotting much of the landscape and cattle grazing in pastures.

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